Lincoln Enterprise Park Developments

Case Study:
Lincoln Volkswagon Specialists

“My business relocated to LEP in March 2010, the move has proved to be more successful than I could have imagined! My customer now have ample car parking and do not have to encounter any traffic jams on the way to and from the park thanks to the direct access onto the A46 Lincoln bypass. Although the park is classified as "industrial" the park feels more like a "retail" park in the way the grounds are kept and the quality of all the units”

Andy Bower
Lincoln Volkswagen Specialists Ltd

Other businesses at LEP

  • PHASE 1
  • Unit 1Lincoln Volkswagen Specialists
  • Unit 2CSR Furniture
  • Unit 3Superstar Components Ltd

  • PHASE 2
  • Unit 4 Delmar Ltd
  • Unit 5
  • Unit 6Superstar Components Ltd
  • Unit 7Jamauto Limited
  • Unit 8Superstar Components Ltd
  • Unit 9Superstar Components Ltd
  • Unit 10Protec Mobility
  • Unit 11Guardian Group

  • PHASE 3
  • Unit 12MB Electrical Services
  • Unit 13Turnstyle Construction
  • Unit 14Turnstyle Construction
  • Unit 15J & J Cook Ltd
  • Unit 16ABC Windscreens Ltd
  • Unit 17Good Lookin Cookin

  • PHASE 4
  • Unit 18 Maher Millard Construction Ltd
  • Unit 19 Haceby Developments Ltd
  • Unit 20Hermes
  • Unit 21AB UK
  • Unit 22Healthguard Ltd
  • Unit 23Halo Networks Ltd
  • Unit 24Isatis Trading Ltd